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Slant Style Memorial

Slant memorials are placed above ground on a foundation.  The face is 16" high and pitched on an angle. The back and sides of the slant can be sawn or polished.



Lawn Level Marker 
Lawn level markers are required by many cemeteries because of the ease it lends to the landscaping process. Also known simply as a grass marker, this type of 
memorial lies flat and is placed flush with the surrounding ground. These markers come in a variety of sizes and can be customized by our master craftsmen.


Memorial styles include: lawn level marker, pillow marker, upright monument and slant style memorial, as well as other styles of memorials available.  Please review the descriptions and illustrations below to determine what best fits your needs and those of your loved ones. 

Pillow Marker

Similar to the flat marker, the pillow markers is slightly raised above the ground and is placed directly on a foundation. The above ground portion is usually trapezoidal in shape, meaning that the face lies at a slight downward angle. Like the flat marker, these memorials come in various sizes and are customizable.


Upright Monument

Upright monuments stand above ground sitting on a proportioned base. We have many sizes available. Size will depend on cemetery regulations, budget and aesthetics.


Duplicate Memorials

There are times when markers or other memorials need to be duplicated. For instance, a person may want to get a marker to match their deceased spouse. In such cases, Winslow Monument can create an exact duplication. Our craftsmen will do the legwork for you – we will go to the site of the stone and get all of the information we need.

Government / Military Marker 

Standard issue for military veterans.

Statuary and Benches 
These types of memorials are larger and more elaborate. consequently, obtaining clearance from a cemetery for their placement can be difficult. For instance, many cemeteries require at least eight plots for a family name monument to be placed.


Plaques are a perfect alternative to markers when memorials are neither appropriate nor practical. Many people choose to memorialize their loved ones with plaques that can be placed in a variety of locations. Granite or bronze plaques can be customized to your desire.

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